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The Thesis Grenade

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of assisting Janne Mäntyharju in making of the coolest PhD gifts ever: a thesis audiobook a.k.a. thesis granade. Pictures and technical details can be found from Janne’s blog:


From time to time it just amazes to see how much free stuff there is available. The task of creating audio clips from thesis PDF was mostly chaining free stuff together with a BASH script.

Again, congratulations to Ville Kotimäki :–)

Road Trip to Revision 2013

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to Saarbrücken (Germany) by car with Joel, Markus and Jarkko. I’ll provide a short and inaccurate description of the event we attended in our 10-day trip: Revision is a demoparty somewhat like Assembly but without all the gamers around wondering what’s the fuzz around the screensavers.

After visiting several Assembly’s, two Alternative Party’s and being part of organizing several Instanssi’s (a beginner demoparty in Jyväskylä, Finland), a visit to a major European party was in order. We also published a blog of our trip:

Bundesrepublik (in Finnish)

A New Blog

A new blog. I’ve actually already maintained one that was in Finnish and had no particular subject apart from technology in general. It lasted surprisingly long (until there was no idea what to post). This blog will be simply about me writing up some of the small hacks I have enjoyed crafting up.

I’m currently interested in machine vision and functional programming, which I’ve had the luxury to combine in my previous work at University of Jyväskylä during the last two years. I’ve also had an appetite for different platforms to build web applications with.

Now that I’ve finished my Master’s Degree in CS there’s some stuff that CS graduate just has to do to justify the 300 ECTS (1 ECTS should burn 27 hours) worth of study time. As an example, I challenge myself to invent some novel and elegant use case for Haskell’s fixed point combinator.

Until next time,

Heikki / deggis.